What Are the Promotional Products That Work?

This is actually a fact that 70% of customers recall getting at least 2 promotional products in the past 12 months. 88% of the customers can recall the advertiser from a promo product received in the past 12 months. And 71% can recall advertisers from a newspaper or magazine that they have read a week prior. What are these facts mean to you? It goes to show that promotional products really work. But what are these Promotional Drinkwars products that can boost your sales?

We know by study that promotional items still have the lowest cost per impression. This year, some of the best promotional products that have been used for 3 years are still very effective. Let's check out some of these promotional items.

1.USB with flexible light mirrors. These are good when you're doing your business presentation. You can plug it in your laptop while giving you a good amount of light to see the keyboard while the room is dark.

2.Grid stick that acts as a foam roller. This gives you a way to reduce the tension of your muscles on your back while allowing you to take some measurements at the same time.  Learn more about promotional products at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Promotional_merchandise .

3.Adjustable lamp with a dimmer. It actually got a lot of interest this year. You can fold it any way you like. You can hang it on your head board. It got three different light settings and each one got a dimmer.

4.Custom masks. Yes especially after the election the custom masks are a bomb in the world of promotional products.

5.Modified tumblers. It keeps your water cold up to six hours. It has a vacuum seal technology that makes it look like you are getting a good quality tumbler for free.

6.Phone loop. You can wear it especially when walking around so you don't drop your cell phone.

7.Delicious treats. You can't underestimate the effectiveness of sweet treats. Putting your own logo brand on the box full of goodies with a gift card it is sure that whoever receives it will never forget you and the company you are representing.

8.Camouflage T-shirts. This pays respect to our brave soldiers who died for our freedom. Camos are a good way to get someone's respect and they can wear it too. It has applications across the board.

9.Big sized pens. This might sound unusable but giving out these big sized pens will surely remember your product every day.

Promotional products really work you just have to find the best item that will match your company's objectives.